Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Holiday revision

While the rain is keeping our tamariki indoors; here are a few links; worksheets and fun things to do in follow up of their learning about our solar system.  Enjoy...



Saturday, 16 July 2016

Term 3 2016....


In Term 3 central focus for Te Kakano will be PUTAIAO - Te Ao Turoa; Papatuanuku me Ranginui
  • ka ako haere me pehea te ru whenua me te puia e huri ai i te ahua o te takiwa, me nga panga ki te maunga, ki te awa hoki
  • ka whakawhitiwhiti whaaro mo Tama-nui-te-ra me te Marama, me nga panga ki a Papatuanuku
We plan to support this learning in TIKANGA-a-Iwi - Te Wahi me te Taiao
  • ka whakamarama i nga ahuatanga tuturu me nga ahuatanga ahurea o tetahi wahi
In TE REO MAORI (Literacy) we will be reading/creating Pakiwaitara; discovering in HAUORA - Koiri other people groups have their stories to tell too ie Greek gods linked to the planets
  • OLYMPICS ~ being an Olympiad
In PANGARAU we will work with fractions 1/2 & 1/4 - in relation to the moons

In HANGARAU we will look at the processes of papier mache ~ and so in NGA TOI we shall apply that learning and create some AMAZING planets of our own; along with invented names and legends!  We may even try our hand at a performance...

No reira, this leads us nicely into another GRAND term of MESSINESS!!! 

HOW CAN YOU HELP TE KAKANO in their learning?
  • their mihimihi - our whenua, our Maunga, our awa/moana - visiting these places/talking with
  • about their atua me nga pakiwaitara
  • pack an old shirt in their school bag - there will be glueing and painting
You may find the following link of interest;Te Kakano will use the initial storytelling of Mauao by Kihi Ngatai as part of our study

Term 2 2016 - a BUSY time...

Term 2 saw a lot of us unwell with nasty coughs and colds, but we soldiered on...

Matua Ross still kept us engaged with all the 
Religious Instructions lessons...

Hui Kura ki te Horo - Te Puna School has a 
LOT of entertainers!

and after just one lesson, our skills on the ukele may ASTOUND!!  Thank you Rock-a-Billy!

Junior Syndicate Cross Country
we had to wait for a good day and it turned out GREAT!
Congratulations Matangi Borell - THIRD PLACE 

...and for some reason, fashion took a turn?!

Term 2 2016 - Kapahaka training

TINO PAI te mahi o nga kaiako i a Te Kakano, Te Pihinga me Te Kauri.

vocal WARM UPS... nice

PUKANA practise!

breathing... always important

Term 2 2016 - Hauora

Before Harold came, Te Kakano viewed the following clip

...we were intrigued and had lots of discussion!  We searched i nga kete kupu for nga kupu hou - oesophagus, intestines etc!  

We recalled our learning of the Food Pyramid 

So what happens in Harold's van....

the anticipation....

Matua Michael reminded us about 
healthy eating...

...and showed us what goes on in our INSIDES
after we've eaten...

we showed him how well we knew what foods to 
eat a LOT of, SOME of and LITTLE...

Harold visited us...

and we were enthralled!

So much so, we decided to have a 

a BIG THANK YOU to Parents and family members who
helped our PJ Party be a healthy HIT!  
(ps.  we still have some dishes in Te Kakano that need collecting!)

Term 2 2016 - GYMNASTICS

to Room 2 & Room 3
Te Kakano had a GREAT TIME ki te horo 

good role modelling...

good rolling!

Lindsay & Matangi practising tossing... confidently?!

Riapo - 10/10 forward roll...

Term 2 2016 Weeks 1 - 10 Pangarau/Nga Toi - Photography

Te Kakano made a thorough research as to what shapes would best suit in floating; in Pangarau we studied 2D and 3D shapes, as well as repeating patterns.

LOTS of discussion took place... anei te roopu, Kupe

kei te peita tatou i nga pouka kikorangi 

...finding repeated patterns, 2 & 3D ki te kura...
photo by Nikau Parkinson

photo by Lindsay Bidois

photo by Te Ahikaaroa Taiapa

Tui & Nikau always race to find the answers first!

Tino pai tou mahi Te Kakano i te Pangarau. 

Monday, 30 May 2016

Term 2 - Week 5 2016 - Nga Waka o te Kakano

Before making our waka, we viewed the You Tube clips of Maui me Kupe, followed by the journey of nga waka ki Aotearoa.  We then read about and discussed the arrival of Captain Cook and others to our islands.  We read a LOT of books about all types of boats and their purposes...

he nui te Ao... Nikau, Matangi and Aroha discovering

Triton, Ahurei and Jareau sharing their findings

Te Kakano, finding more about floating 
and sinking through books...

We found various clips on You Tube showing us how some really BIG BOATS are made!

This inspired us to get creative in designing our waka

Pilot Bay, an idyllic place to test our waka

Aroha & Triton - will it float?!

Lindsay, YES!  it held together!  Tino pai tou mahi!

Dry docking...

 ...we even re-trialled our test models

but it was tiring work... Te Ahikaaroa taking 5

 It was a good place to observe all varieties of waka

...and to discuss their uses...

to all the Parent and family members who supported Te Kakano in their journey AND in their assistance with waka building... the wero has been placed.  
(word has it, we can expect an Endeavour on the next challenge!)

a nice soak in the Hot Pools to end an adventurous day... 

Friday, 13 May 2016

Term 2 - Week 3 - Raapa 18 Haratua 2016 FLIP OUT

In case you haven't discovered it at the bottom of their Mahi Kainga peke; Te Kakano have been given a panui from Flip Out.  We plan on joining Te Pihinga me Te Kauri for a fitness programme.

Wednesday 18 May 2016 
(cover transport)
Thank you.

for further information check out their website

BIG THANK YOU to parents and family members who supported Te Kakano in transport, care and photography in their visit to Flip Out ~ an absolutely AWESOME time had by all...

There was much to contemplate

The confidence of Te Kakano was inspiring!
(sponge pits swallow children WHOLE!)
 Paapu Reihana - MASTERED the sponges!

going above and beyond the call of 'parent help'!  thank you Uncle

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Term 2 - Week 2 - 2016 - The FIRST Waka - trials and tribulations!

Te Kakano have been enjoying viewing

The FIRST waka

After viewing, and testing what floats and what sinks... we trialled...

we shared our ideas...

helped each other construct...

and tried our best at what we thought might work...

we were DELIGHTED at others' successes

... and supportive of others' failures

There was lots of mess and some tears, but after re-thinking our designs...
 there was LOTS of FUN!

to our cleaners 
and to Granma for ALL her meat trays!