Sunday, 24 April 2016

BITS & BOBS for Term 2 2016

In PANGARAU (Mathematics) Te Kakano will be learning across the Strands, Te Tauira me te Paanga; Te Hanga i Te Ahuahanga me Te Tuhuratanga Tauanga me Te Tuponotanga i te Taumata 1. 

To assist their learning it will be inclusive in our HANGARAU (Technology) studies.  If you can spare any of the following bits & bobs at home, they make for FUN learning experiences; it would be much appreciated:

  • small clear glass jar (eg. jam jar)
  • small clear plastic bottle (eg. Pump water bottle)
  • small empty box (eg. matchbox)
  • cardboard rolls (eg. toiletpaper roll, gladwrap roll)
Later in the term tauira will also be sent on a 'Scavenger Hunt' in search of suitable floatation objects to make their boats with... HEADS UP!!

Te Waka: Our great journey - Term 2 2016

As part of our study across the curriculum areas TIKANGA a IWI, HANGARAU me PANGARAU (Social Studies, Technology and Mathematics); Te Kakano will be researching boat making and the value of this technology to our lives.  We plan to view this in class and discuss.

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Term 2 - 2016 - HANGARAU "What makes our boat float"

IN PREPARATION FOR HANGARAU STUDIES if you have nothing to do Saturday 23.04.2016, Te Kakano students might enjoy a visit to the following (Whaea Trudie will be there taking photos if she's allowed).  Nau mai, haere mai

HMNZS HAWEA is one of the Navy’s four Inshore Patrol Vessels (IPVs). The ships are designed for maritime surveillance and patrol missions around New Zealand’s 15,000 kilometre coast and out to the 200 nautical mile limit of our Exclusive Economic Zone. The ship is coming to Tauranga and this is a rare opportunity for you to have a good look over one of the ships.

For safety, please wear closed toe footwear when embarking onto the ship.

Please also bring drinking water – as the ship will only be able to supply emergency water.

Sunscreen – there is little shade on-board.

HAWEA will be berthed at Number 1 Berth, Port of Tauranga
Public access to HAWEA is via the Salisbury Gate (next door to Mount Ocean Sports Club).
Parking is available outside the gate, on Salisbury Ave and the Mall, Pilot Bay

There will be barriers in place, port security and RNZN personnel to assist with access. Please note this a 'working wharf' so escorts will be in place to help with the short walk from the gate to HAWEA.

The IPVs primary mission is to protect the security and prosperity of New Zealanders by undertaking maritime security patrols, surveillance, boarding operations and response to search and rescue call outs. The four ships regularly work with government agencies such as Fisheries, Customs, Police and the Department of Conservation and are frequent visitors to ports throughout the country.

Capability and Role. The Inshore Patrol Vessels are designed to work around the New Zealand coast undertaking maritime security patrols, surveillance, boarding operations and search and rescue activities.

Saturday, 16 April 2016

an event-FULL TERM for the school community! Term 1 - 2016

Some random reminders of AMAZING happenings that took place in the first 11 weeks of our learning:

Rock'n'Roll Billy's classes!  (aptly named by Paapu)

Watch out Matua Louis - up and coming Te Puna Talent!

SUSTAINED SILENCE in Reading and our weekly visits to te Whare Pukapuka
(we have been practising reading inside our brains!)

te Poukai ki Tutereinga
(raising of the flags - i te atatu)

our precious manuhiri
te mauri o te matatini

...and who can forget, the CRAZY HAIR DAY.  Tautoko nga tamariki o te kura o Te Puna 
...although maybe Te Kakano went more for the Pretty Funky Hair Day look!

[NB: we haven't forgotten the Country Fair and the felling of trees... we're just having hiccups with technology - WATCH THIS SPACE!]

KA WAREWARE TATOU - Term 1 - Week 11 - 2016

As the flag had been raised at school, Te Kakano took a day out to remember them.

We discussed who the ANZAC's were/are.  We marched on the courts while singing Maori Battalion March to Victory.

We watched the following, courtesy of YouTube:

Maori Battalion marching song

We determined how whanau may have felt.

"Our Nannies would be so sad when their darlings had to go away?"
Ae, i pouri nga kuia.

"They would be so so scared aye?"
Ae, i mataku nga taane me nga wahine.

"That's nice the taane were looking after us."
Te mutunga mai o te pai!

"They will be so happy when they come home aye?"
Ae, ka manahau nga whanau.

"I'm always going to remember them."
Ae, me ahau, ka wareware tatou.

Henare('s) picture depicts a 
"sad wife waiting for her husband to come home.  She put up a flag of New Zealand, because that is who he was fighting for, "the peoples".  She grows poppies to remember him.  He had a gun with a cool uniform and a hat for the sun and the rain.  His gun had bullets.  But people died.  That's sad."

We came up with a waiata that we could relate to 
(recording not available, but any tauira from Te Kakano will happily sing it for you!)

It's a long way from Te Puna
It's a long way to go
It's a long way from Te Puna 
to the sweetest girl I know.
Good bye Poututerangi
Farewell Tutereinga
It's a long long way from Te Puna
but my heart's still there...

Hikoi ki Maramatanga Park - Term 1 - Week 11 - 2016

Ka marama ke enei ahuatanga o tetahi mea e taea ana te ine - te wa; our attention to time being measured by years, seasons, months and days

In completion of our study of time Te Kakano me Room 2 went in search of Autumn...

Ka heke nga riwhi i te hau.

As scientists and mathematicians, we observed our surroundings for changes in the environment due to weather conditions.

It was hungry work, we ate healthy kai to keep our energy up and our minds sharp; we rested a bit.

We discovered NGAHURU has arrived!

No reira, ka haere atu tatau ki te kura.

Kei te pehea te ahua o te rangi?
Kei te whiti te ra...

Hauora i te Panui Term 1 - Weeks 2-10 - 2016

Our readers we have taken home each day have been about family and wellness; we are learning that what we talk about and what we do, can also be written about and read.

Te Roopu Whai - Kei roto Kei waho
  Ka marama he momo panui te tuhinga.

Te Roopu Wheke - Kai Pai
Ka marama e hono ana te kupu kua tuhia ki te whakahua o taua kupu.

Te Roopu Taniwha - Ka Tarapeke Tapapa
Ka marama e ahu pehea ana te tuhituhi.

(incidental skills being learned and practised: recognising words and sentences, use of scissors, use of glue, colouring, pencil/crayon holding; finding whereabouts in workbooks; listening to and looking at; following instructions; tatau tatau, sharing and supporting each other in our learning... as well as building our vocabulary and ability to express our thoughts - it is no wonder we are exhausted at the end of day)

Te Kakano Kaitiaki Term 1 - Weeks 6-11 - 2016

Ka ako haere ko etahi hiahiatanga kei nga mea oreore katoa, kia noho ora ia.

Ko wai tana ingoa? "Ko Tick Tock ia!"

Ko wai tana ingoa?  "Ko Duncan ia."

We quickly learned as Kaitiaki we needed to provide a healthy environment for our critters.

Thank you to Papatuanuku me Ranginui, me Tangaroa... we found taonga for our buddies.

We made a fairy garden for Duncan and Tick Tock

They seem happy...

Te Kakano found out by researching the internet and reading lots of books about caring for frogs, that animals, just as humans, like a varied diet.  If we just give them one food it would be like us just eating a cheeseburger everyday with nothing else.  Blurgh.  So now, we catch live bugs and give them to Whaea Trudie.  This makes her happy!  Ka whakahokia ia i te kai i te mara patupaiarehe.

A special thanks goes out to Te Ahikaaroa('s) Mum, for speaking with us about the different foods needed for the beautiful critters in the moana.

Friday, 15 April 2016

I haere mai a Matua Ross ki te Ruma 8 (Bible in Schools) Term 1 - Weeks 4-11 2016

"Yay! Ka haere mai a Matua Ross i tenei ata Whaea!!"
Wonder why Te Kakano THOROUGHLY enjoy the weekly visits by Matua Ross!

they build frames to measure with levels and plumb lines...
in the same way we might measure being tūturu

they use hammers and logs to stay on target....
being piripono

they learn to get along with one another, by visiting papaka!!!

...they become brave and GIVE IT A GO!
(yes, they ARE alive and snippy!)
Kia Maia a Henare!

and they learned how much they are loved... from a Mother Hen!!
KA AROHA o te Atua

hmmm.... who can say why Te Kakano enjoy Matua Ross' company so much...
but this we do know... the lessons support nicely, our learning of healthy living

BIG SANDWICH DAY Term 1 - Week 10 - 2016

With the help of Te Kauri, Te Kakano built themselves some lovely, 
healthy sandwiches in closing of our Kai Hauora studies...

Miss Robinson had shopped, while others had chopped...

then Te Kakano chomped!

KIA ORA Te Kauri, Miss Robinson and prep-crew!  Tino pai tatau kai!

...special SHOUT OUT to Tui, Ahurei, Nikau and Te Ahikaaroa 
for being our ringawera and our Nanny Matangi as overseer!

Kai Hauora - Term 1 - Weeks 3-11 2016

mmmmm kai pai tenei!  "Kahore Whaea!" 

Kai pai tenei?! "Kahore Whaea!"  aue....

Anei Whaea, kai pai i tenei pouka o Te Ahikaaroa.. Triton

Ae, kei te kite ahau inaianei.  E tika taku kai inaianei?

"Ae Whaea, tika tou kai, tatou tatou inaianei!!!"