Sunday, 24 April 2016

BITS & BOBS for Term 2 2016

In PANGARAU (Mathematics) Te Kakano will be learning across the Strands, Te Tauira me te Paanga; Te Hanga i Te Ahuahanga me Te Tuhuratanga Tauanga me Te Tuponotanga i te Taumata 1. 

To assist their learning it will be inclusive in our HANGARAU (Technology) studies.  If you can spare any of the following bits & bobs at home, they make for FUN learning experiences; it would be much appreciated:

  • small clear glass jar (eg. jam jar)
  • small clear plastic bottle (eg. Pump water bottle)
  • small empty box (eg. matchbox)
  • cardboard rolls (eg. toiletpaper roll, gladwrap roll)
Later in the term tauira will also be sent on a 'Scavenger Hunt' in search of suitable floatation objects to make their boats with... HEADS UP!!

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