Friday, 15 April 2016

I haere mai a Matua Ross ki te Ruma 8 (Bible in Schools) Term 1 - Weeks 4-11 2016

"Yay! Ka haere mai a Matua Ross i tenei ata Whaea!!"
Wonder why Te Kakano THOROUGHLY enjoy the weekly visits by Matua Ross!

they build frames to measure with levels and plumb lines...
in the same way we might measure being tūturu

they use hammers and logs to stay on target....
being piripono

they learn to get along with one another, by visiting papaka!!!

...they become brave and GIVE IT A GO!
(yes, they ARE alive and snippy!)
Kia Maia a Henare!

and they learned how much they are loved... from a Mother Hen!!
KA AROHA o te Atua

hmmm.... who can say why Te Kakano enjoy Matua Ross' company so much...
but this we do know... the lessons support nicely, our learning of healthy living

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