Saturday, 16 April 2016

KA WAREWARE TATOU - Term 1 - Week 11 - 2016

As the flag had been raised at school, Te Kakano took a day out to remember them.

We discussed who the ANZAC's were/are.  We marched on the courts while singing Maori Battalion March to Victory.

We watched the following, courtesy of YouTube:

Maori Battalion marching song

We determined how whanau may have felt.

"Our Nannies would be so sad when their darlings had to go away?"
Ae, i pouri nga kuia.

"They would be so so scared aye?"
Ae, i mataku nga taane me nga wahine.

"That's nice the taane were looking after us."
Te mutunga mai o te pai!

"They will be so happy when they come home aye?"
Ae, ka manahau nga whanau.

"I'm always going to remember them."
Ae, me ahau, ka wareware tatou.

Henare('s) picture depicts a 
"sad wife waiting for her husband to come home.  She put up a flag of New Zealand, because that is who he was fighting for, "the peoples".  She grows poppies to remember him.  He had a gun with a cool uniform and a hat for the sun and the rain.  His gun had bullets.  But people died.  That's sad."

We came up with a waiata that we could relate to 
(recording not available, but any tauira from Te Kakano will happily sing it for you!)

It's a long way from Te Puna
It's a long way to go
It's a long way from Te Puna 
to the sweetest girl I know.
Good bye Poututerangi
Farewell Tutereinga
It's a long long way from Te Puna
but my heart's still there...

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