Wednesday, 14 June 2017

As kaitiaki of the sea...

Te Kakano have been learning about HOW our tupuna, and also our navigators of today use the stars to assist them in their travels.  This clip assists us in understanding some of the reasons WHY we journey:


MUCH discussion has been had, as is to continue regarding how WE can be responsible caretakers of our waters, given we're only 5-6yrs old!

caring for our creatures

...and we couldn't resist watching THIS one, bringing our backyard into the classroom!


Sunday, 4 June 2017


Anei tātou waiata me hula mo te Production - Term 3 2017

Lyrics - Kawiapunahele

Hula - Kawaipunahele 

kei te parakitihi tonu a Te Kakano ia ra ia ra

(NB: this song was selected as it fits nicely into the kaupapa of the Production... watch this space!)

Anei ngā waiata mo te Kura - Te Kakano are practising singing to the beat; starting sounds of the first lyric and clipping sounds at the end of lines.  (good fun practising over the holidays pea?!)